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By Pamela Gompf, Pastor, Pointe of Grace | Aug 28, 2019

Welcome. It’s a word that has multiple meanings. Welcome can come as a form of “you’re welcome,” as in saying “thank you” for noticing me, but welcome can also come as an invite; “you are welcome here” or “you are welcome to come.”  Both are important to hear when living in a community. It can be the simplest of forms of this word which generate a sense of belonging and appreciation. Don’t we all want to be welcomed?

I am the new pastor at Pointe of Grace Lutheran Church in Harbour Pointe, Mukilteo, and yet I am not new to Mukilteo at all. I raised all three of my children in the Harbour Pointe schools and lived just a mile from the church for more than 15 years. Mukilteo became my home in 2002 when my family moved here from Issaquah. We quickly felt welcomed.

Through my many years of volunteering in the schools to entering into ministry as a vocation, I have learned the importance of being welcome. Thank you notes towards those who are the unseen volunteers and the upfront faces go a long way in inviting a return of partnerships. One welcome can lead to the next welcome when it is affirmed. Part of a welcoming attitude is the practice of being attentive and serving others.

The center of worship, in any setting, is about being welcomed. The welcome to the Lord’s table is paramount for me, because it truly is the Lord’s table – not mine, and not the congregation’s table either. Jesus was a gracious host, and ALL were welcome in all the settings in which Jesus sat and ate with others during his ministry. Those where society judged a person unclean, not worthy, or in the wrong occupation, Jesus invited and ate with. Jesus built relationships around food, and Jesus still does that today.

At Pointe of Grace Lutheran Church, it is the Lord who gathers and invites us to the table. From receiving such a warm and generous welcome to the table of Grace, we are then filled with that grace and sent to be just as welcoming to others around us. At Pointe of Grace we gather around the Lord’s table to be fed of his abundant grace, and then after services, the community gathers again around tables of fellowship and food. An abundance of food and relationships go hand-in-hand.

I am thrilled and humbled to be serving at Pointe of Grace Lutheran Church in Mukilteo as their new pastor, because they understand welcome as I do.

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” (NRSV Romans 15:7)

I invite and welcome you to come and visit us at Pointe of Grace on Sundays at 9:30 a.m. for worship where all are invited to the table of our Lord. The fellowship time after worship continues the welcome with more food and great conversations. On Thursdays from 2 to 5 p.m, the Mukilteo Teen Lounge at Pointe of Grace provides food and a safe place for teens of all genders and diversity to feel welcomed and hangout. We also have a coffee time for Preschool parents dropping off their students at Harbour Pointe Christian Preschool on the first Wednesday and Thursday of every month. It’s about finding a place of welcome and feeling welcomed.

Welcome is a big deal – both forms of welcome. So we invite all of Mukilteo to welcome and be a part of the installation of our new pastor at Pointe of Grace Lutheran Church, on Saturday, Sept. 14 at 1 p.m., followed by a community BBQ.

All are welcome. And when we say all, we mean ALL are welcome.

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