America needs good examples  | Letter

Nov 16, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

Congratulations to Mayor Jennifer Gregerson and the City Council for setting an excellent example of working together to pass Mukilteo’s budget [“Mukilteo sets a better example,” Mayor’s Message, page 4, Nov. 9].

At this time in our history, America needs such examples. There are bipartisan bills that are currently in Congress that can make a difference in our country and our world.

For example, extending the earned income tax credit to childless working adults, so they are not taxed into poverty.

On a global level, the Education for All Act has already passed the House and needs to pass the Senate. This bill would target helping the over 100 million children and adolescents who currently have no education, to get the chance to go to school.

With education comes better health, lower birth rates, greater earnings and more peaceful communities.

Of course, our voices can help Congress remember these bills need to pass.

Our calls and letters can help them follow Mukilteo’s good example: working together to create a better world.

Willie Dickerson,


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