Another transit slap for Mukilteo | Letter

Jan 15, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

The following is an open letter to new Mayor Jennifer Gregerson:

We need an advocate – badly. I have lived in Mukilteo since 1999 and commute to downtown Seattle for work five days a week. In the last two years, Mukilteo commuters have had the following transit reductions:

1. Our commuter bus, formerly a direct line to Seattle, was changed to a feeder route to Lynwood Transit Center that takes half again as long to get downtown. This has resulted in most of the former riders abandoning this route and driving further to park-and-rides for a quicker ride to our jobs.

2. As a rail commuter, I was told by Community Transit that we are “low priority” when I asked why they don’t have the local 113 bus meeting the train to alleviate the infamous parking problems at this station.

3. Now Sound Transit wants to charge us to park at the Mukilteo train station, saying somehow this will “alleviate” the parking problem.

The more time we spend commuting to our jobs, the less time we have for shopping and living in Mukilteo.

It has added an additional hour per day or more of time spent getting to and riding public transportation. And less time spent patronizing local businesses and with family.

I hope that by being on the board of Community Transit you will voice our concerns and stop the insults these transit agencies seem to have leveled at the commuters of Mukilteo.

Very truly yours,

Cindy Clark,


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