Appoint Terry Preshaw to vacant council seat | Letter

Dec 04, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

This is an open letter to the members of the Mukilteo City Council,

We urge you to appoint Terry Preshaw to the open position on the City Council recently vacated by Jennifer Gregerson.

Please consider the following:

1)   Terry Preshaw is favored by a significant portion of the voting citizens of Mukilteo.  In the recent election of November 2013, Terry was narrowly defeated by Ted Wheeler to take Kevin Stoltz’ position.  Just 24 votes turned the outcome in Mr. Wheeler's favor and a re-count is pending.

2)   In 2011, Terry Preshaw lost narrowly to Emily Vanderwielen by just 18 votes.

3)  The people of Mukilteo clearly want to see this highly educated, community-minded woman with a strong background in the law sit on our City Council.

By contrast, I am appalled by the rumor that one of our defeated incumbents will attempt to sneak back in to a governmental position through the back door by applying for appointment to Jennifer Gregerson’s spot on the council:  Joe Marine.

Unlike Terry Preshaw, Joe Marine has had his chance to serve in city government.  He was also soundly defeated in the November election by a significant margin.

The people have spoken.  The numbers speak for themselves.

The people of Mukilteo are watching you, and we will be speaking again in the next election when some of you may be running.

Will you support our desire for change, and an end to the bullying tactics Joe Marine has engaged in for the last eight years (seemingly dictating all council decisions)?  Or will you shut out your constituents?

Terry Preshaw is the obvious choice for the vacant spot on the council.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kate and Bob Forrester,


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