Attempted murder at Staybridge

Suspect attempted to overdose ex-girlfriend
By Brandon Gustafson | May 23, 2018

An apparent love triangle nearly turned deadly this past Saturday as an Everett man forced his ex-girlfriend to ingest Xanax and fentanyl in an apparent attempt to cause her to overdose.

According to court records, Zachary Madding, 28, is being charged with attempted second degree murder domestic violence, unlawful imprisonment domestic violence, criminal impersonation in the first degree (false identity), and making a false or misleading statement to a public servant.

According to Mukilteo Police Department Assistant Chief Glen Koen, Mukilteo officers arrived to the Staybridge Suites hotel around 10 a.m. Saturday, May 19, following a report of two men fighting in the parking lot.

“We arrived and soon discovered it was a domestic situation,” Koen said. “The suspect had held a young lady in his room.”

According to court documents, when police arrived, a man was holding Madding on the ground in the parking lot while the victim, a 22-year-old female, was “slumped on a bench and appeared to be unconscious and not responsive.” The other male told officers that Madding had crushed up Xanax pills and shoved them down the victim’s throat.

Worried she could die, officers asked Madding how many pills the victim had consumed, but Madding was uncooperative. The victim had a very weak pulse, so officers administered two doses of Narcan, a medication used to combat narcotic overdoses. The antidote worked, and she was then able to tell officers what had occurred.

In the court documents, the victim later told a detective that Madding had “used the ruse that her sister was there wanting to see her” so the victim would show up.

She also said that, as she tried to leave, Madding pushed her to the floor, held her down and shoved “a handful of Xanax” down her throat. The victim said she puked, and Madding then sprayed her 15 times with fentanyl.

She told the detective she believed Madding was trying to kill her.

According to Koen, Madding and the victim were in the process of breaking up, and when Madding realized things were over between the two and that there was another man in the her life, Madding turned violent and then held her in his hotel room.

Koen said the victim texted the other male so she could be picked up from the hotel, and he quickly came to the hotel where the altercation with the suspect occurred.

According to court documents, as the other male was talking to the front desk staff, he saw the victim running in the parking lot where she told him that Madding had just forced her to ingest the opioids. The victim said Madding is a narcotics dealer.

The other man ran inside and told the hotel staff to call 911, and when he got back outside, Manning pushed him and they started to fight. The other man was able to wrap his arms around Madding and hold onto him from behind until officers arrived on the scene.

According to the court documents, officers discovered Madding had an active felony warrant for his arrest, and upon searching his belongings, they discovered two fake Illinois driver’s licenses with the name “Nicholas J. Pavlick” that had his year of birth as 1995. He told officers he used fake IDs to get hotel rooms because of his warrant.

He also had the victim’s driver’s license as well as the driver’s license of another Washington woman.

Madding asked officers for his release as he was “working with SPD on a big drug case.”

Koen said the victim was released from the hospital and is doing much better.

“She’s OK now,” Koen said. “She was released and will make a full recovery.”

Madding is in jail for the four charges, and his bail was set at $500,000.



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