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By Don Saul Pastor, Jericho Bridge Church | Feb 28, 2018

William Franklin Graham, Jr, went to be with Jesus Christ on Feb. 21, 2018.

He was 99 years old when he passed from life on earth to life in Heaven.

On his 99th birthday, he taped a message for us of encouragement; a message full of the wisdom of his age and the power of God.

He had two things to say to us: "repent and believe the Gospel" and “surrender your life afresh and anew to Christ, and live the Christian life wherever you are.”

How do you do that?

He offered these: “Do whatever we can to follow in the steps of Jesus” (i.e., walk the talk), “love one another; help one another,” "read and study the Bible, every day" and “go to your knees and pray, until you and God become intimate friends.”

"America's Pastor" preached that invitation to over one hundred million people in his lifetime, and that message is no less true or impactful today than it was the first time he offered it.

It's a simple message, but difficult to practice in a world seemingly overflowing with acrimony.

I encourage you today to not forget the impact Dr. Billy Graham has made - either directly or indirectly - on your life, and to have the courage to live a life that transcends the politics and labels that pull people apart.

“Love one another; help one another.”

Remembering his great example of humility and focus on God will give you peace and strength to stand firm during those times of your own trials and struggles.

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