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By Ivan Tuttle | Aug 15, 2018

Rod LaFountaine is major supporter with both time and talents for the Mukilteo Boys and Girls Club. Please read the following message and consider helping if you are able.

Rod LaFountaine got a massive electrical shock by 480 volts, plus he was burned severely from an electrical flash fire it created and it was three-times hotter than the sun. Rod's clothes caught on fire and his hands also have third-degree burns from trying to rip off his clothing and put the fire out that was burning him.

It is a miracle of God that Rod is alive and healing, but Rod and his family need your support.

He is in the hospital and may be there for a long time until he recovers. Rod and his family have no income coming in right now so they need your support.

Rod is one of the most giving and caring people you will ever meet and his testimony of how God brought him back and through this will be amazing. Rod and his wife, Marian, do so much to support the community, especially children.

They coach children in all kinds of sports and volunteer their time helping in their community. It's time now that we all give back to this loving family in their deepest time of need. Will you please consider helping them with a donation?

Any amount will help but think about it, if this was someone you love, or it was your family? They really need your support so please dig deep into your pockets and help Rod and his family!

I know Rod's two boys and you could never ask for better young men than them.

I was given the pleasure of baptizing both of their boys this past year, they really love the Lord! Both of these boys are a testament to how Rod and Marian have raised them in the Lord.

These boys pray for others and see miracles working in their lives every day!

Please, if there is any way you can donate some money now or over the next few weeks or so, please do so, they really need it and they need it now. Thank you!

I started a GoFundMe and 100 percent of the proceeds go directly to a special account set up through the bank with Marian and Rod's account. Donate at

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