Burnley "Poltergeist" Haunts Gallery North in July

Jun 20, 2014

Long before the Art Institute of Seattle purchased Burnley School of Professional Art in Seattle…

It was the1960s, and Burnley was a hub of working professional advertising art instructors, eager "Mad Men" and "Mad WoMen" students, ever hopeful of landing that elusive advertising art job… and some say a "poltergeist"  haunted the halls of Burnley, making strange ghostly noises in the late hours.

That "spirit" of Burnley is alive and well as two Burnley alumni (Delores Haugland and Spec Fulmer) exhibit the different paths they took after leaving Burnley with their July 2014 two-person Featured Artist show "Canvas and Camera" at Gallery North.

Delores Haugland's work reflects her direction into fine art, and has an illustrative quality about it.

Her landscapes capture a sense of the Pacific Northwest where she has lived her entire life.

Her mixed-media collage pieces capture a sense of mystery with the use of texture and sensitive color and strong design, imprinted from her design classes at Burnley.

Delores is an award-winning artist living in Edmonds.  Her work is in numerous private collections.

Spec Fulmer is a retired "mad man" and founder of Spectrum Advertising in Seattle (a full service ad agency that had many well known accounts).

He was a member of the Seattle Chamber President's Club and the Seattle Ad Club.  Spec spent his last 20 years of full-time work in designing and manufacturing displays for large, national companies.

He will be showing his digital camera work, which he calls "Painting with my Camera."  His advertising background shows through with strong design, effective use of color, and compelling altered images.

Spec now lives in Auburn where he is retired to spend more time with art and photography.

P.S.  Other Burnley ghosts also haunt Gallery North - past members Karen Armstrong and Rick Tuthill.

Join Delores and Spec for a "spirited" reception from 1-4 p.m. Saturday, July 12, and at the Artwalk from 5-8 p.m. Thursday, July 17.

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