Call to action: See your challenges with new eyes

By Kay Wagner LMP, CPT | Feb 06, 2013

“Every negative thing is an opportunity to find a beautiful solution,” says my friend Leo Kaminski, a Portland software developer.

“Take the problem of global warming. Petroleum use is the major cause. The solution will be more and more people getting solar panels,” he explains.

“As our unlimited supply of free energy from the sun is developed, not only will we help global warming, but we will not need petroleum-based war,” Kaminski says. “Third world countries will benefit with solar power to power computers, schools, hospitals and sanitation. Jobs will be created. The new technology will benefit mankind.”

In my January column I stressed the importance of focusing on the 90 percent of what’s working in our lives. But the 10 percent that’s not working is a call to action. Not to worry about – but to see as a chance to develop a win-win solution.

As Jim Rohn said, “If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.”

“When we dwell on the 10 percent of our personal problems, we magnify them,” Kaminski says. “Try to get out of ‘self’ and be of service to someone else.”

Can you think of a problem you’ve faced that ended in a wonderful new opportunity?

In 2005, my daughter faced serious complications during the birth of my granddaughter. I wished for a way to let go of all our stress and fear.

Around the same time, a local family was in a horrible, debilitating car accident. I again felt the need for a quick, enjoyable tool for relaxation.

So I began to create my first guided meditation CD, “Bridge to Serenity.” In just 12 minutes, it takes listeners from high anxiety to deep relaxation.

It is so pleasant with the soothing voice and beautiful original music that often it was the only way to get my very fussy new granddaughter to sleep. Many listeners use it regularly to help with insomnia, anxiety and headaches.

Let’s look at each ‘problem’ as a path to a new discovery. When we do this we begin to face each challenge head on and transform it into a new opportunity.

Kay Wagner, LMP and NASM certified personal trainer, leads strength training, yoga, pilates and free weights at Rosehill Community Center. She offers personal training and meditation coaching in her studio overlooking the mountains and water, at 828 2nd St. in Mukilteo.

Kay specializes in coaching boomers and seniors. Email, call 425-353-4545 or visit for more information.

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