Candidates’ Forum to take place tonight

By Brandon Gustafson | Oct 18, 2017

As Mukilteo’s upcoming election creeps closer every passing day, prospective candidates are going to have the chance to take center stage for Mukilteo’s citizens.

Tonight at the Rosehill Community Center (304 Lincoln Ave., Mukilteo) the six candidates running for Mukilteo City Council Positions 1, 2 and 3 will take part in the

Candidates’ Forum, which will run from 6 to 8:30 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

Citizens will be able to meet the candidates and hear their positions on various city issues. Those in attendance are encouraged to bring questions for the candidates to answer.


Meet the Candidates


Position 1:


Ted Wheeler currently holds this position after being elected in 2013. Wheeler is not seeking reelection. As a result, the opening for Mukilteo City Council Position #1 is now down to two candidates, Anna Rohrbough and James Yoo.

Yoo is the owner of two construction-related businesses and Rohrbough runs a leadership training and coaching business.

Neither has served on Mukilteo’s City Council previously.


Anna Rohrbough:


Rohrbough believes that those who attend tonight will come away well informed about the candidates.

“This is the place where you can learn about the candidates themselves, not what they say, but who they are and how they handle other people’s different point of views, especially those that differ from their own.”

Rohrbough is hoping to see a good turnout, and hopes prospective voters will see that she is the right candidate for the open position.

“I hope that you join us so you will see I am a person that not only has the ability to do all that, but I am a person of action,” Rohrbough said. “Talk is just talk without action. As my actions have shown, I have been paying attention, getting involved in our community long before this election process, and I will be involved long after, no matter the outcome.”


James Yoo:


Yoo said one of the key qualifications he brings to the table is that he has experience from many different areas.

“I am running for a council position in that I am ready to serve my community and share the knowledge and experience that I have gained over a long successful career as a business owner, educator and citizen.”

Among the issues that Yoo is most passionate about are traffic and drugs. He also says he would add diversity to the council.

“If elected I have been informed I will be the first Asian American to represent this great city and I am also a senior citizen myself,” Yoo said. “I believe that we need to ensure that relationships are built between the younger generation and the older generation to transition many years of knowledge.”

Yoo believes that voters and citizens should attend the forum tonight.

“I think people should attend debates and forums and ask questions of their leaders. We are a community, and an active, passionate community can cross many barriers when they stay informed and participate. I encourage our community to attend.”


Position 2:


In arguably the most publicized contest, the race for Position #2 is between incumbent and current council President Bob Champion, an executive with Honeywell, and business owner Peter Zieve, the owner of Electroimpact.

Zieve has been in the news frequently over the last two years regarding a postcard campaign opposing a Mosque in Mukilteo, as well as hiring practices and work emails at Electroimpact.

Champion has had his fair share of controversy recently as well, with rumors circulating that he and Mayor Jennifer Gregerson are in a relationship (see Letters to the Editor).


Bob Champion:


As mentioned, Champion is the incumbent in this race.Champion has served on the council since 2013 and has been named its president for the last three years.

During the primary vote, Champion received over 54 percent compared to Zieve’s roughly 27 percent.

Champion made his platform for reelection very clear in the lead-up to this forum.

“The city is fortunate to have candidates seeking office who will bring their energy, experiences and new ideas to public office,” Champion said. “My priorities are public safety, transportation, infrastructure, technology and fiscal management. I am seeking re-election to continue building on the successes we have achieved so that Mukilteo continues to be a great place to live, work, and play.”


Peter Zieve:


Zieve said that his mission is very simple: “Maintain Mukilteo living.”

Zieve believes that the city is great, and life here is as well, and that his goal if elected is to maintain that level of greatness.

He has four children who have been through Mukilteo’s school system, and believes that he is the most invested in the future of the city as a result.

He has been in Mukilteo for 25 years running Electroimpact, and said he loves to hire Kamiak graduates.

Zieve said he loves donating to the local children, such as through Kamiak’s Robotics Club and Mukilteo’s Boys and Girls Club.

“I am the right person to maintain Mukilteo.”


Position #3:


Randy Lord currently holds this position, having been first elected in 2006. Lord is not seeking reelection.

The two candidates seeking his seat are Sarah Kneller, a TV producer for sports networks such as FOX Sports, and Tony Markey, who manages an outpatient clinic for older patients.

Neither has served on the council before.


Sarah Kneller:


“We need a leader who will be honest, open, and ethical, which I assure you I will be if elected to work for you,” Kneller said.

Finance, children, traffic and Mukilteo’s first responders are issues that Kneller holds dear.

“I will support Mukilteo’s financial fitness and stand up for a budget that reflects our values prioritizing fiscal responsibility, infrastructure, traffic mitigation, and safe passages for our children to get to and from their schools,” Kneller said. “I will support our police and fire departments as they risk their own safety fighting a very real drug and homelessness epidemic that has found itself on our very doorsteps.”

Kneller said she has been helping bridge the gap between the council and Mukilteo’s school board, and will be open-minded and engaging so she can help improve Mukilteo and so the city can have a cooperative leadership team.


Tony Markey:


Markey is very supportive of people attending tonight’s forum, even if he feels his race isn’t going to be the center of attention.

“We all know there is one race in particular that is going to suck all the oxygen out of the room, but for all races it's important for voters to be able to draw clear distinctions between candidates,” Markey said. “Those distinctions are never more evident than when you hear us in person and begin to recognize the dramatic differences in our professional and educational backgrounds, how we've demonstrated our long-term commitment to our community, and how our vision for the community differs.”

Markey is excited to hear what the citizens of Mukilteo are going to ask him and his fellow candidates, and can’t wait to take part in the forum.




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Posted by: Rosalie C Remick | Oct 21, 2017 15:29

I went to the City Council candidate forum at Rosehill. It was very interesting. Peter Zieve set himself apart from the other 5 candidates.  I volunteer for Peter’s campaign.  I wish I could talk to everyone in Mukilteo about the fine, generous, kind and brilliant man he is. I did talk to some residents while doing door-to-door campaigning.  It's amazing how many people don't vote and don't care anything about how our city is run. Mukilteo was over 20,000 people in the 2010 census but only 24% of them vote. I encourage you to fill out your ballot which you should have received by now and vote for Peter Zieve.

Peter is Mukilteo's largest employer (591) through his business Electroimpact and he's our largest taxpayer.  Peter is against the excessive taxes most of our current city council wants to impose including a sales tax of 10.4%.  He says he runs a tight company budget which is several times the city budget and he knows how to cut unnecessary costs.

Peter is a brilliant man who says if elected he will not take a salary so he’s volunteering to work for us for free and his only agenda is to make Mukilteo a better place to live.  Casting a vote for him should be a no-brainer! So again, I encourage you to vote for Peter Zieve. He will be a tremendous positive impact on our city government and how it uses your money!

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