Catch a tiger, save our waterfront | Letter

Mar 19, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

To the good folks of Mukilteo:

For those of you who think the Mukilteo ferry terminal move is a done deal, think again! Funding is not in place and is not guaranteed.

There is a way to influence the outcome of a key WSF funding request. I happen to know that WSF is in the midst of preparing a 2014 TIGER grant submission (I believe WSF is asking for $35 million). The deadline for submission is April 28.

I think we can create a submission that would undermine WSF assertions regarding the following five longterm outcomes:

"Applicants must detail the benefits their project would deliver for five longterm outcomes: safety, economic competitiveness, state of good repair, livability and environmental sustainability. DOT also evaluates projects on their expected contributions to economic recovery, as well as their ability to facilitate innovation and new partnerships."

Specifically, I believe that we can at least raise the question about the economic sense in spending almost $100 million extra just to move the ferry terminal 700 feet when there are alternatives that contribute more to safety, livability and environmental sustainability.

Maybe WSDOT should be applying for a TIGER grant to fix our SR-525 bridge!

Go to for more details. If you are interested in gathering data, sifting through previously gathered data, and/or have anecdotal evidence to share, please contact me at either or call me at 425-343-8472.

Best regards,

Terry Preshaw,


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