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Apr 30, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

My Guest View last week [“Preferential non-enforcement,” The Beacon, page 4, April 23] provided facts that show the city granted a building permit to Diamond Knot to double their size while not meeting the building code.

If left to stand, it provides substantial preferential financial benefit for their business and the owner of the building they lease. The Beacon gave the city administration what I wrote so they could respond. Their response [“Mukilteo waterfront has opportunities, challenges,” Guest View], printed with my column, did not disagree or take issue with anything I wrote.

The mayor and council each take an oath of office to uphold our laws. That includes correcting city “mistakes” in applying those laws. The city’s response said they “continue to be ready to answer [my] questions and those of any member of the public.”

Since they do not disagree with my Guest View, I hope they will now answer questions I have been asking for months.

First, what are the mayor and City Council going to do to properly determine and require the customer parking that the building permit should have required Diamond Knot to provide for their large expansion?

Second, will the city require Diamond Knot to remove the concrete stoop they constructed on the Lighthouse Park sidewalk without legal right to do so and in violation of the state’s park transfer agreement with the city?

Third, will the city correctly determine the increased peak traffic from this business expansion and assess mitigation fees of $1,850 per car that should have been paid to the city?

Fourth, why is the administration continuing to pursue a process to transfer land from Lighthouse Park to Diamond Knot for their use of outdoor seating?

The council has not determined or even discussed that any transfer of Lighthouse Park land should be pursued. For over a year the uncompleted city administration proposal has been for a 25-year easement totaling $16,500.

The city rents parking behind the Diamond Knot building for $1,800 a year per space. An estimated five spaces, the approximate size of the proposed easement, would total $225,000 for 25 years.

Last week’s administration response said there are three picnic tables alongside Diamond Knot’s building on the sidewalk, available for anyone to use. Those tables have been shoved up against the building for several months.

Did the city purchase these tables or do they belong to Diamond Knot?

Charlie Pancerzewski,


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