City Council overhaul needed | Letter

Oct 23, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

Again, I want to thank those who supported my run for mayor in the primary. We got real close to bringing a real positive change to Mukilteo.

We can still bring a fresh change this November by voting in new city councilmembers.

As a city council, we are supposed to work independently from the mayor. The council is a check and balance for the mayor. The council sets policies and approves spending (the budget).

Unfortunately, for many years now, this City Council has rubber stamped almost every policy proposal and spending request the mayor has brought forward, from tax and fee increases to increasing the Mukilteo’s debt, which has resulted in putting public safety projects on hold and using an inferior product to fix our roads (chip seal).

The city has millions of dollars in a fund that should go to road and sidewalk improvements, but instead it is reserved to make the $900,000 bond payments for the community center.

When you put the “nice to haves” in front of “need to haves,” that is a recipe of financial disaster.

I am supporting and voting to Terry Preshaw for City Council. Terry is smart, articulate and has a good understanding of the city budget. She will ask the tough questions.

What I like most about Terry is that she always puts residents’ needs first and is an independent and critical thinker that we desperately need on the council. Not another “rubber stamper” for the mayor’s failed policies.

I am also voting for Fred Taylor and Bob Champion. Fred and Bob will bring fresh and independent voices that are much needed on the council. Both men have experience working with budgets and understand the challenges that face Mukilteo now and in the coming years.

Please join me in voting for Preshaw, Taylor and Champion for a better Mukilteo City Council.

Thank you,

Steve Schmalz,

Mukilteo City Councilmember

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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Oct 26, 2013 15:36

Well said.  Thank you Steve!  You are one, unlike the current Mayor who just likes to inflate his chest on others accomplishments and hard work & doesn't really get it, you are one who really cares about beautiful, unique Mukilteo that cannot be replaced once gone, the people, the land, all the creatures, wild life, and actually cares about preserving this community and making it a better place.

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