Congrats to mayor-elect Gregerson | Letter

Nov 20, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

Brava! Congratulations to Jennifer Gregerson on her well-deserved election victory. The recent mayoral campaign did an excellent job of contrasting two approaches to city leadership.

Here’s one resident’s post-mortem.

The Marine regime miscalculated by carpet-bombing the city with giant signs screaming “size matters.” Residents rightly wondered, did Joe’s bigger signs equal bigger designs?

They rightly remembered Joe personally led the pro-annexation spending spree wasting more than $1 million taxpayer dollars. Despite the decisive 2-1 thumping at the polls, Joe never backed away from it. So his BIG signs worried many.

Next, with Joe Marine everything is always all about Joe. Anyone with an opposing viewpoint can count on being asked, “Why don’t you like me?”

In this delusional Joe-Centric universe, it simply isn’t possible that someone could rationally hold a point of view that differed from his. But, obviously, the election results indicated otherwise.

This Joe-Centric viewpoint was reflected repeatedly in his staff appointments. The foremost criteria a candidate needed was not professional competence, but being a “yes” man for Joe.

Case in point was his personal choice for City Public Works Director Larry Waters. Many voters remembered Larry’s incompetent chip seal program.

And finally, knowledgeable voters despised Joe’s shenanigans. His view that voters wouldn’t hold him accountable proved to be wrong.

Regarding our new mayor-elect, Jennifer Gregerson was right to give Mukilteo voters a say on annexation; she is right to advocate a more open process regarding city staff scheduling and appointments; and she will hold city staff accountable for their actions.

Jennifer was diligent in going door-to-door for months on end. Voters were engaged by her down-to-earth, friendly manner. And best of all, Mukilteo’s new mayor is trustworthy!

Three cheers to Jennifer for a campaign well done. Brava! Brava! Brava!

Jon Boyce,


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