Contract would improve Mukilteo’s emergency services | Letter

Jun 11, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

This is an open letter to fellow citizens of Mukilteo regarding Mayor Jennifer Gregerson's appeal for more cost-effective fire and emergency medical services [“Finding new strategies for city's fire service, The Beacon, Mayor’s Message, page 4, June 4].

Hello, fellow citizens. I've been a homeowner for almost 10 years now in this beautiful city. I grew up in my parents’ home also just five minutes down the Speedway, where they still reside.

I'm currently a firefighter/medic for the surrounding Fire District 1 and was a volunteer here in Mukilteo for five years prior to that.

Due to my resident history and profession, I've been paying closer attention to the discussions lately in The Beacon and City Council minutes regarding the emergency services merger.

From a fact-based opinion, I would agree and encourage the contract agreement our mayor is presenting to the city.

The homeowner in me sees the long-term financial savings while maintaining our current protection services. We could also utilize the district's community programs that Mukilteo doesn't currently provide.

The professional firefighter in me sees the vast resources and benefits to the potential collaborative area-wide practices, such as training, unit/equipment resources and procedures.

The two departments already work well together, but we could only improve our emergency services if we were “all on the same team.”

Jen Stollwerck,


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