Council adopts new program to replace traffic signs | City brief

Jun 11, 2014

A new Public Works program has crews replacing traffic signs in the city that don’t meet a retroreflectivity requirement.

The Federal Highway Administration recently set higher standards for maintaining levels of retroreflectivity for speed limit and stop signs, according to city staff.

As such, the city is required to develop and implement a Traffic Sign Retroreflectivity Maintenance Program, which schedules the inspection, cleaning and replacement of signs.

The City Council on June 2 voted unanimously to adopt a program to bring all speed limit and stop signs up to standard.

Retroreflectivity in signs is described as the ability of the shining light from vehicles’ headlights to reflect back into the faces of their respective drivers.

Signs with a retroreflectivity below the minimum requirement will need to be replaced.

Crews will look at the position, cleanliness, legibility and daytime and nighttime visibility of signs. Damaged or deteriorated signs will be replaced.

Staff said Public Works will complete retroreflectivity inspection and sign replacement by Dec. 31, 2015.

From then on, crews will inspect retroreflectivity on a set schedule, staff said.

Public Works crews already clean the city’s traffic signs every year, but the new program is a step up, staff said.

The city is responsible for the overall management and maintenance of signs under its jurisdiction, in the interest of traffic safety.

-Sara Bruestle

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