Councilmembers, do the right thing | Letter

Dec 11, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

I write to echo the comments by Kate and Bob Forrester last week regarding who will fill Mayor-elect Jennifer Gregerson's position on the council [“Appoint Terry Preshaw to vacant council seat,” The Beacon, Letters, page 4, Dec. 4].

If, after the recount, Terry Preshaw is not the winner of council Position 1, the fact that she was within a handful of votes (both this time and in the last election) should speak loudly to the council on what the people of Mukilteo would like to see happen.

Some stats:

In 2011, Terry lost to Emily Vanderwielen by 18 votes. (Terry garnered 3,008 votes in that election.)

In 2013, if the recount changes nothing, she will have lost to Ted Wheeler by 24 votes. (She had 2,890 votes.)

You cannot in good conscience think that she doesn't deserve the slot, or that the citizens of Mukilteo don't want her on the council.

Yes, I expect that you will have a few candidates to choose from.  Rumor has it that Joe Marine might throw his hat in the ring.

More stats:

Jennifer Gregerson won with 3,444 votes.

Joe Marine had 2,923 votes.

So Mr. Marine lost by a resounding 521 votes. "Enough said."

I ask that you rise above petty politics as you make your decision. I ask that you do the right thing and give Terry Preshaw Gregerson's vacated seat.

Although I did not vote for Mr. Wheeler, I would think it just as fair to give the vacated seat to him, should he come out the loser in the race.


Elaine Knapp,


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