County seeks applications for small capital projects

Aug 20, 2014

The Snohomish County Council is accepting applications for small capital projects partnership grants until Oct. 10.

Qualified projects must be submitted jointly by both the applicant group and a public entity. Project proposals will be evaluated against criteria, including:

• The proposed project’s consistency with funding limitations imposed by the State of Washington for Real Estate Excise Tax (REET) funds;

• Feasibility and timing to implementation (including any funding and/or permit issues);

• The level and cost of Snohomish County’s involvement;

• Availability of matching funds, in-kind materials and labor;

• The applicants’ demonstrated success in completing similar projects; and

• Other relevant information demonstrating the proposed project’s value, readiness and benefit.

“These grants provide great opportunities for the county to meet the needs of our local communities” said Council Chair Dave Somers.

In 2013, projects that received these grants included funding for an elementary school playground and a dog park, both determined to be great assets to residents throughout our community.

The playground is at Fernwood Elementary in Bothell and the dog park is in Mukilteo.

“The dog park in Mukilteo has brought tremendous joy to our citizens, as well as their four-legged friends,” said Councilmember Brian Sullivan.

“I’m excited we have an opportunity to partner with local groups for the betterment of our communities,” added Councilmember Terry Ryan.

he total amount to be dispersed among the successful applicants is $50,000.

These grants are issued on a reimbursement basis only. All work on the successful projects must be completed before the grant funding will be issued.

“I encourage all qualified local organizations to apply for this grant as the money provided could help to fund several essential projects in our community,” Councilmember Ken Klein said.

“This type of cooperation will help community and neighborhood groups accomplish projects that might not otherwise be possible,” added Councilmember Stephanie Wright.

Questions? Contact Sharie Freemantle at the Office of the Snohomish County Council at 425-388-3559 or at

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