Criticism continues off Mukilteo council | Letter

Mar 26, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

As an elected official, and especially if you take an active role in performing your duties, criticism from people like Dave Speights comes with the job [“Had enough of Stoltz and his whining,” The Beacon, Letter, page 4, March 19].

Now, as an individual citizen, my family and I have the expectation that I can still be involved in the community and the vindictiveness so prevalent in and purported by the previous administration will just go away.

As stated in my letter, the new administration led by Mayor Jennifer Gregerson has created a very different feel and culture at City Hall. One of which I'm happy to say has already turned some of my previous "losing City Council arguments" and "whining" into results and an action plan for a positive future for Mukilteo.

I really have no idea what Mr. Speights claims I am whining about or which losing City Council arguments have him so upset. It is clear that Mr. Speights is whining about me.

Yes, there are still remnants of the previous culture on the council, some left in the administration (although those problems are being rapidly corrected), and in the community as evidenced by the letter from Mr. Speights. Some things will take time.

Quickly responding to the questions Mr. Speights raised:

"Does Kevin Stoltz actually own your newspaper?" No, I wrote letters to the editor before I was on the council and plan to continue writing now that I'm no longer on the council.

The Beacon's publisher, Paul Archipley, has offered elected officials a regular column for years. I'm the only one who committed to doing it #and# followed through with my commitment.

"And why do he and some others continue to insist that Terry Preshaw deserves to be appointed to a vacant council seat?"

My statement was, "I'm disappointed that Terry didn't even make the first cut of the top six candidates for the open council position after Mukilteo voters strongly supported her in a council race that was so close, it automatically triggered a recount."

If the difference between the two isn't obvious, a review of the Jan. 13 Council Meeting Minutes on the city's website should help.

So, hopefully moving forward, the whining can be about the issues and not about the individuals. 

Kevin Stoltz,

Former City Councilmember

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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Mar 27, 2014 00:00

I appreciate your courage, keen insight and writings.  I hardly consider it whining; I consider it telling it like it is and perseverance.  People sometimes don't want to hear the truth, are afraid to tell the truth for fear that they won't be liked, or just live in denial and accept things the way they are vs. being afraid of change. Kind of like a cat that doesn't want their knots combed out.  It's better to comb them out!  I too was disappointed that Terry didn't even make the first cut. She is one bright lady that can bring around some positive change.

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