Deflated Balls

By Frank Workman | Jan 21, 2015

I'm not going to suggest for a minute that deflated footballs were the cause of the Pat's  route of the Colts on Sunday.

Nor am I about to advocate for the removal of New England's win and the placing of Indy into the Super Bowl on 2/1.

Given that the Court of Public Opinion doesn't have to reach the high standards of a Court of Law,  I think we can suspect to a great degree that the Patriots did, indeed, doctor their footballs Sunday, specifically to try to give themselves an unfair advantage.

From a level-playing-field point of view, this is a disturbing issue......especially in light of previous shenanigans that have occurred under the watch of Bill Belichick.

I have little-to-no faith in Roger Goodell  (who knew another commissioner could make Bud $elig seem competent by comparison?)  to  swiftly and fairly get to the truth of the matter, much less mete out justice fairly.

But there is one party whose grand reputation as a sportsman and a humanitarian is being besmirched yet again.

That would be Robert Kraft, Patriots owner.

HE has the power to call in Billy the ballboy to find out what the heck happened to those footballs, under whose orders he was acting, and how many other times he had been instructed to give the team an unfair advantage.

And then Kraft (assuming he's capable) could adequately express his remorse and, yes, shame, in being associated with such a scoundrel and fire his coach's ass forth-with.

It'll keep until after the Super Bowl, as far as I'm concerned.

Let the Hawks take a shot at him first.


There's no question about it.




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