Diamond Knot lease won’t be worth it | Letter

Jul 16, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

In regards to the ideas surrounding the changes to Lighthouse Park, I find it difficult to believe that only one councilmember rightfully objected to the idea of the Diamond Knot converting already limited space into an outdoor cafe [“Leasing of parkland to brewery considered," The Beacon, front page, July 16].

As a volunteer at the lighthouse, the No. 1 complaint I hear from visitors is how crowded the park is. There is virtually no parking, but you want to allow more space to be eaten up? Not to mention the brewery will reap benefits in revenue, while park visitors will suffer? That doesn't make sense.

Did anyone weigh the cons of this idea? Alcohol is banned in city parks, yet we have park goers illegally bringing alcohol in and fights breaking out, requiring our police officers to come and deal with the problems. Please don't throw fuel on the fire!

All the costs to survey the land, just to see if the plan is even feasible, costs us.  Especially if it turns out to be a bust!  Plus, the state requirements to establish more public space to replace what would be converted.

Ideas about converting the former Tank Farm – how much is all that going to cost the public? Will it even be worth it in the long run? Where is everyone going to park then?

It seems as if most councilmembers and other city officials have lost touch with the spirit of the community that was once at the heart of Lighthouse Park. It was a beautiful place for locals, with a peaceful beach and beautiful views. Many long time residents wish that we had the old park back.

Now it is overcrowded, creates a traffic nightmare, and costs us locals money.  All this for a park we no longer like to visit.

Please stop adding to the problem and ruining the park by cramming more into it.  We just don't need it.

Renee Ripley,


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