Divers taking over waterfront parking | Letter

Sep 03, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

This is an open letter to Mukilteo City Council:

Each weekend this summer, the divers have parked on Park Avenue, Front Street and First Street by the Art Building. This has been a problem for businesses established there to park for operating day-to-day business.

I had a difficult time finding parking this weekend to work at my business, Art Workshop Inc.

Sunday, when I was turning the corner onto First, the road was blocked by a  diving class learning CPR right in the middle of the street! The divers also blocked access to the beach, so none could walk through.

There were even guys in bright orange jackets conducting their traffic.

Why is it the divers can conduct paying classes without a permit from the city to use our community beaches for their conferences, classes and diving instruction?

I have to go through the city for my Art and Marine Science classes that are conducted on the beach.

The Mukilteo Arts Guild also goes through the city for out outdoor event, the Waterfront Art Festival.

My business also has a business license to teach continual classes at my  studios in the Art Building

The divers teach classes year-round. Even in the winter weeknights, it is difficult to find parking.

The divers should be held to the same standard of all business and community groups in Mukilteo.

I feel they are being treated with preference over my business and other businesses in not having to pay or go though the process of getting permits for their classes each week.

It is discriminatory.

Last year, when I asked a diver conducting a workshop that divers paid for if he had a license or permit. He told me “No.”

I asked him why they always used Mukilteo’s beach, and he said because it was free.

The divers are also now spreading out to Edgewater Beach, so it is only going to get worse, with more locations to dive on our waterfront.

I feel the divers should go through the Mukilteo Recreation and Cultural Services Department to conduct their workshops and classes, since they teach continual classes thought the year.

They should offer their service to our community, not just their own students. After all, they are using our waterfront.

Christine Awad Schmalz,


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