Donated truck to modernize Sno-Isle education

By LaVendrick Smith | Apr 25, 2012
Courtesy of: Sno-Isle Tech Center Daimier Trucks North America donated a diesel truck to Sno-Isle's diesel program.

Teaching the complexities of diesel-powered trucks has just become easier for teacher Brent Delfel and his students at Sno-Isle Tech Skills Center.

Delfel, an instructor on diesel power technology at Sno-Isle, and his 48 students received the donation April 17 of their very own diesel truck.

Donated by Daimler Trucks North America, the truck arrived at Sno-Isle with promises of enhancing the learning of the students involved with the school’s diesel program.

“It’s exciting,” Delfel said. “It’s opened up the opportunities for students to actually see the technologies that we are trying to teach them.”

The truck is equipped with cutting-edge technology to prepare the students for today’s diesel industry. The technology includes such things as up-to-date fuel emission standards as well as a network of computers that communicate with each other.

“The only way you can have a newer truck is if you went and bought a new truck,” Defel said.

Defel expects a contrast in the way his classes are taught now than before the program received the truck. Without the truck, he was limited to teaching components of trucks with a few parts as demonstration.

Where he could only teach modern trucks in theory, Delfel said the truck will now allow his students to see how trucks operate in current times.

“With the truck, it’s all assembled and actually the way it will be in industry when they get out there and actually start working,” he said. “[The students] see it the way it really will be so those theories that I teach, now they can actually see them and practice.”

His students in the diesel technology program are excited to train with the truck.

“They really want to get out there and get working on it,” he said. “Every day, they discover new things that they didn’t realize before.”

Ben Clair, a second-year student in the program, said the truck has exceeded his expectations.

“It’s going to open up way more doors for us to be able to have more training,” Ben said.

Trai Jackson, another student in the program, was also amazed by the truck.

“It’s a beauty,” Trai said. “It’s definitely something that I’d never thought would happen while I was at Sno-Isle.”

Industries are known to play a vital role in supplying equipment to programs in Sno-Isle. Delfel and his students said they are grateful for the donation.

“It’s about what they saw in us,” Trai said. “They didn’t even get a chance to meet us, but they saw that we have the motivation, the skills and we just needed technology and the opportunities to hone it.”

LaVendrick Smith is an intern for The Mukilteo Beacon.

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