Don't waste your time!

By Mark Smith, Mukilteo Presbyterian Church | May 01, 2013

Without a doubt one of God's most precious gifts is time. It is also one of the most perishable of gifts. It has to be used wisely.

Every morning we have 86,400 seconds or 1,440 minutes before us to spend and invest. Each day the bank named "Time" opens a new account.

It allows no balances, no overdrafts. If we fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is ours. Time is so easily wasted.

Somebody once placed this advertisement in the want ads of the local newspaper: "LOST, yesterday somewhere between sunrise and sunset two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes, reward offered, for they are gone forever."

What a shame to let such a precious gift go, especially if there was an opportunity to shed a little more light, a little more love in a dark, love-starved world.

It is so easy to complain that we don't have enough time to do the important things we need to do. Perhaps we are looking at our lives from too human a point of view.

There is always time to do what God wants us to do.

The one necessity is to slow down and prune away those things that just don’t matter. If we have no time to properly care for the people in our lives, then something is wrong.

Jesus always had a clear sense of what his Father wanted him to do. Even though he had the world's most important agenda, you never get the impression his life was hurried or frenzied.

I am struck by the tranquility in which he walked along, taking time to talk to a poor woman beside a well, or replying to the stupid questions of his disciples the very night before his crucifixion.

He did not say to the sick or to the lame: "I'm sorry, I can't stop to help you, for you see, I have an important meeting in Nazareth, and then I have to dash off to make a report on strategy to a meeting of the disciples in Capernaum before leaving for an important consultation at headquarters in Jerusalem."

No, Jesus always had time for others because he ordered his life according to the will of his Father.

Someone put it so well: "Time is the clay of your life. You can let daily routines, other peoples demands, and poor judgment form a committee to make a camel out of your clay, or you can take charge of our raw material, your time, and build a horse on which to ride off into the kind of life you've always wanted."

If we can set aside some time to reflect on our lives, we can take charge of our time and do the work of deciding and directing and reassessing values and goals.

We can continually ask ourselves: "What is God calling me to do and be? What are the main goals of my life and how am I accomplishing them? What are the time-wasters in my life? What can I do without? What hinders me from achieving my goals?

“What can I prune away so that I'll have more time for people?”

Don’t waste another minute. Make it count!

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