Edmonds author releases “nonprofits experience” book

WALKING THE BOARD WALK – Secrets of an Enjoyable Nonprofit Board Experience
Apr 30, 2012
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Vaughn Sherman has thoroughly enjoyed his many decades of service to community colleges and other nonprofits and now he shares his expertise to bring success, satisfaction ‒ and yes, even pleasure! ‒ back to nonprofit board service and governance.

His book: “WALKING THE BOARD WALK: Secrets of an Enjoyable Nonprofit Board Experience” is essential reading for members of nonprofit boards and community groups of all sizes and specialties.

Nonprofit boards and groups ‒ such as those that support PTAs, little leagues, neighborhood councils, fundraising dinners and auctions ‒ fulfill vital functions on which we all rely.

When one is not functioning properly, everyone suffers.

Sherman knows this first-hand. Time and time again he has seen groups flounder as a result of dysfunctional leadership, frustration and burn-out.

Rather than a set of instructions about how to organize and manage a nonprofit board, WALKING THE BOARD WALK, is designed to turn poor board performance and dissatisfaction around with valuable tips for:

•Solving personality conflicts between members

•Coming to an agreement when board members are split on an issue

•Recruiting a diverse board

•Creating distinct responsibilities between the CEO and board        •Establishing an open stream of communication and respect among board members

·       And more…

About the author:

Vaughn Sherman was born and educated in Seattle, Washington, and has homes in Edmonds and Bellingham.

He has enjoyed several careers. After working as a fisheries biologist in Alaska and Washington, he was recruited by the CIA and served more than 20 years, mostly abroad.

After taking early retirement, Vaughn became involved in numerous community activities, namely the management and governance of non-profit agencies and community colleges, and has published three books on the topic.

He and his wife, Jan, enjoy a northwest life with their large extended family.

Vaughn also has a spy novel coming out this summer that had to be submitted to the CIA for pre-publication review.

He won’t say, but his book advisor suspects it’s based largely on true stories.

“Vaughn Sherman knows how to ‘walk the board walk.’ His many years of experience being on boards and conducting board trainings come through in this handy and practical guide.”

--Dr. Cindra Smith, author of Trusteeship in Community Colleges

“ . . . In Walking the Board Walk, I’ve found what I was looking for and believe that you will too, whether you are just beginning your board walk or are a seasoned director looking to enhance your knowledge base.”

—Chris Marx, Edmonds Community College Foundation, Executive Director



Vaughn receiving time-in-service award at Madrid Embassy 1969
Edmonds author Vaughn Sherman
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