Extra time not added to felon’s sentence

By Sara Bruestle | Dec 18, 2013

A convicted felon who likes to snack on popsicles while he’s burglarizing homes won't have any more time added to the decade-long prison sentence he's already serving.

Joseph Medoro, 32, was sentenced Dec. 5 to seven years in prison for the 2012 burglary of a Mukilteo home.

Snohomish County Superior Court Judge Richard Okrent agreed, however, to let Medoro serve out the time while he’s doing 10 years for other felony convictions.

Medoro, of Kirkland, was connected to a Mukilteo burglary after police found his DNA on popsicle sticks.

The popsicle sticks were part of the mess left after burglars broke into a Mukilteo home in July 2012, according to court papers. The frozen treats were stolen out of a downstairs freezer and seemingly eaten while burglars were ransacking the house.

A deputy prosecutor on Sept. 13 charged Medoro with residential burglary. He pleaded guilty and was convicted of the charge on Oct. 30.

Medoro is already in prison, serving an eight-year sentence for trying to run over a Bothell police officer during a traffic stop on July 17, 2012. The officer managed to jump to safety and fire a shot, but missed Medoro.

Medoro led police on a car chase around south Snohomish County before he abandoned his vehicle and was tracked down in Mill Creek. He was carrying $4,000 and had more than a half-pound of heroin, a loaded handgun, meth and marijuana in a backpack.

A judge also ordered Medoro to serve two years for a previous conviction in which the sentence had been suspended.

Snohomish County prosecutors said that the burglary case would have been resolved with the assault case if the test results had come back sooner. Although, a burglary conviction would not have increased the sentencing range for Medoro's other convictions.

This burglary conviction is Medoro’s 17th felony; he earned his first felony conviction at 15, court papers said.

Most of Medoro’s other felonies involve drugs and stolen property, though he’s also had three convictions for attempting to elude police.

The Mukilteo burglary had occurred July 7, just 10 days before Medoro's arrest in Mill Creek.

On July 7, 2012, Mukilteo police were called to the 9800 block of 55th Place W. on a report of a residential burglary. The owners were on vacation when the break-in occurred.

The burglars had not only trashed the house, they took a car, jewelry, various electronics, tools, financial records and a collection of miniature clocks from all over the country.

As the homeowners were cleaning up after the burglary, they noticed a couple of popsicle sticks from treats they didn’t eat – potential evidence. They bagged up the sticks and wrappers and turned them over to police.

“This clearly was not a grab and dash theft,” owner Ray McCann said. “They took their time ransacking many rooms, all while eating popsicles that they stole from the freezer.”

A Mukilteo officer sent the sticks to the state crime lab to test for DNA. Medoro was a match.

Lab results came back in March, about a month after Medoro was sentenced for the assault on the officer.

Prosecutors said they charged Medoro anyway, because they wanted him held accountable for the crime, according to court documents.

Now that Medoro has been sentenced, the homeowners said they are doing what they can to move on – including moving out of their house.

“This crime has had a profound impact on our lives,” McCann said. “We feel violated, anxious, uncomfortable and unsafe in our own home. We are constantly watching for strange vehicles and people in our neighborhood.

“We’re trying to move forward with our lives in a new house that hopefully will not cause us any more anxiety.”

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