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Oct 05, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

This is an open letter to Mayor Jennifer Gregerson:

Mayor Gregerson, why are you so obsessed with raising taxpayers' car tab taxes? Here’s why I’m writing you:

The Mukilteo Beacon's front-page story from Sept. 21 [“5 taxing options identified for streets”] reported on the five proposals to raise taxpayers' car tab taxes in Mukilteo that you're pushing.

You wrote the voters pamphlet pro statement for tripling taxpayers' car tab taxes with Sound Transit 3, the $54 billion tax increase on the November ballot in Snohomish, King and Pierce counties.

Voters at the state and local level have repeatedly voted to cap car tab taxes at $30.

Mayor Gregerson, why won't you respect this very clear voter mandate?

When I spearheaded a Mukilteo initiative to block the mayor and City Council's push to install red-light cameras and speed cameras, which are simply taxation-through-citation, I went door-to-door collecting signatures and talking with voters.

It was clear to me that the vast majority of Mukilteo voters want the government to leave them alone and not tax them more. That impression was validated when 71 percent of voters here approved that initiative.

Let me be clear, Mayor Gregerson: If you succeed with your plans to unilaterally impose higher car tab taxes on the citizens of Mukilteo, I will spearhead another city-wide initiative giving Mukilteo voters the chance to veto your car tab tax increase.

You and your council allies who want to raise taxpayers' car tab taxes already know that voters oppose your efforts. How is that obvious? Because you're against referring your higher car tab taxes to the ballot.

If you thought the voters were on your side, you wouldn't be against them voting on it – you'd support putting it on the ballot yourselves.

As mayor, you can try to stop the council from referring the higher car tab taxes to the ballot, but you can't block the people of Mukilteo from signing petitions to give the voters what they're entitled to: the chance to decide for themselves.

Spending money from council-imposed car tab taxes is like building a castle on quicksand – there’s no tax increase more likely to be repealed and rejected by voters. Second only to a state income tax, there's no revenue source more radioactive than higher car tab taxes.

Why push for something you know the voters oppose?

Mayor Gregerson, taxpayers don't have bottomless wallets to bail out governments when politicians like you fail to do their jobs.


Tim Eyman,


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Posted by: Joe Kunzler | Oct 05, 2016 18:11


In the past few months I have been nothing short of amazed at my friend Jennifer Gregerson's composure and maturity leading Mukilteo as its Mayor.  Instead of sitting in the cheap seats, piling up legal complaints from the State Public Disclosure Commission and filing initiatives to only cut revenue why don't you Tim be a manly man and declare your candidacy for the Mukilteo Mayoralty?

Let's see how you would handle the 3 AM phone call from the Police Chief that a mass shooting happened?  Or the ongoing Paine Field Commercial Terminal fiasco?  Or relations between the City of Mukilteo and the Sound Transit you despise so much?  Or managing the Mukilteo Waterfront?

Ultimately Tim: Giving punditry with one-liners for your pals Kirby, John and Todd is one thing.  Governing with multiple different councils and interest groups and taking punditry is another.  Man up or shut up Tim.


Joe A. Kunzler

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