‘Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ’

By Brad Bigler, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints | Jun 13, 2012

Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is the first principle of the gospel. It is a spiritual gift and is necessary for our salvation.

An ancient prophet declared “Salvation cometh to none, except it be through repentance and faith on the Lord Jesus Christ.” The Apostle Paul said that faith is a hope for things which are not seen which are true. (Hebrews 11:1)

Faith is a principle of action and a power that motivates all of our day to day activities. Would a farmer plant if he did not expect a harvest? Would we study and learn if we did not believe we could obtain wisdom and knowledge?

Each day we act upon things we hope for when we cannot see the end results . . . this is faith and the Holy Scriptures are filled with examples.

By faith Noah built an ark and saved his family from the flood. By faith Moses parted the waters of the Red Sea and Elijah called down fire from heaven. Seas have been calmed, visions opened and prayers answered all through the power of faith.

But we must center our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. The apostle Peter preached “there is none other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.” Through faith in the Savior and through repentance we make His sacrifice and resurrection fully effective in our lives.

To have faith in Christ means we have trust in Him and that we obey His commandments. Knowing that many blessings come from exercising faith in Jesus Christ, we should seek to increase our faith in Him. But how is this done?

We can do this the same way we increase and develop any other attribute. We can increase our faith by studying the word of God.

Inside the scriptures we find the answers to almost all of life’s challenges and opportunities. By studying the scriptures and by attending church services where the word of God is preached, we hear examples of faith and ways to improve our lives.

Another way of increasing faith is through prayer; praying to our Heavenly Father about our hopes, desires and needs.

But we must realize that there is much more than just ‘asking’ in our prayers. We must work at it and diligently seek to bring these good things to pass in our life. Faith involves doing all we can to bring about the things we hope and pray for. The Apostle James clearly taught this when he said “faith without works is dead.”

Through faith, miracles are brought to pass, angels appear and the gifts of God are given. Prayers are answered and salvation is found.

Let us all make a commitment to do all that is necessary to increase our faith and know that salvation is found only through the Lord Jesus Christ and by living his teachings.

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