Farewells and new beginnings

By Kay Wagner | May 01, 2013

The following is Kay Wagner’s final Optimal Wellness column for the Mukilteo Beacon. Read her past columns online at www.mukilteobeacon.com. We thank her for the years she’s written for us. –Ed.

“Turn your bathtub into a luxurious health spa” appeared in the Mukilteo Beacon in 1999. It was my first column.

Since then, writing for all of you has cheered me, helped me focus, rewarded me with great feedback, helped me grow as a writer and kept my headshot in the paper!

I extend deep thanks to the Mukilteo Beacon, our wonderful community and to my friends for helping me decide what to write about before my deadline!

During these 14 years, I have also written for magazines, owned my massage therapy business, taught yoga, pilates and strength training, become a personal trainer and created two Guided Meditation CDs.

I’ve been blessed with family time, traveling and many Mukilteo beach walks and sunsets.

And I’ve lost parents, lost my home and been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. The positive focus of my Beacon column has inspired me to stay pro-active and become talented at making lemonade from lemons!

Creating two spectacular guided meditation CDs has been fulfilling, crazy-making and exhilarating. I feel humbled at their success.

From deep relaxation to awakening your inner colors and light, to soaking up golden sunrays on a tropical beach, my collection of meditations has brought peace, healing and joy to listeners worldwide.

“Set Your Spirit Free” and “Bridge to Serenity” are available through my website, Amazon and iTunes.

I’ll say goodbye in my final column with a few of my favorite sayings. I hope they help you. For added benefit, try eating chocolate while reading!

Focus on what’s working in your life.

Resentment is like taking a poison pill and expecting it to hurt the other person.

Find win-win solutions.

Worry is a misuse of the imagination.

If you talked to your friends the way you talk to yourself, how many friends would you have?

Keep looking up.

Kay Wagner, LMP and NASM certified trainer, leads strength training, yoga, and pilates at Rosehill Community Center. She offers personal training and meditation coaching in her studio overlooking the mountains and water, at 828 2nd St. in Mukilteo.

Kay specializes in coaching boomers and seniors. Email kay@kaywagnerwelllness.com, call 425-353-4545 or visit kay@kaywagnerwellness.com for more information.

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