Ferry fares bumping up this fall

By Brandon Gustafson | Aug 07, 2019

The Washington State Transportation Commission (WSTC) announced fares for ferries will be increasing starting Oct. 1 at its final hearing, Tuesday, Aug. 6, in Seattle.  In addition to fare increases in October, the WSTC approved increases starting May 1, 2020. As reported in The Beacon recently, the fares were set in order to ensure that $407 million in revenue is generated through Washington State Ferries (WSF) routes between July 1, 2019, and June 30, 2021, as required in the recently passed two-year state transportation budget. Without the increase, there would have been a shortfall of roughly $9.6 million.


Fares summary

Starting Oct. 1, there will be a 2.5 percent fare increase for vehicles, and a 2 percent fare increase for passengers. In May, vehicle fares will bump up another 2.5 percent, and passenger fares will go up another 2 percent. Additionally, there will be a 25-cent addition in the capital surcharge, which is dedicated to the construction of a new vessel.

The current price for a walk-on fare from Mukilteo to Clinton – which is the same cost of an adult who is riding in a car but not driving – is $5.10. That includes a 25-cent capital surcharge.

Now, fares will increase 2 percent in October to $5.20. Next May, it will increase by another 2 percent, plus the additional 25-cent capital surcharge, to $5.55.

For vehicles, the current fare for a standard vehicle (14-22 feet) in the non-peak season is $9.15, which includes the current 25-cent surcharge. This will increase to $9.40 in October, and to $9.90 next May (including the new 25-cent capital surcharge).

The peak-season charge for a standard vehicle will now be $12.25 (it is currently $11.40).

For more information on transportation commission or its ferry fare proposal, please visit the commission’s web site at www.wstc.wa.gov


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