Festival now has two directors

By Jennifer Gregerson, president of Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival Association | Aug 01, 2012

With a new team at the helm, the Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival Association is eager to carry on the tradition and spirit of previous festivals, and lend some new energy to your 47th Mukilteo Lighthouse Festival.

This year, the MLFA is teaming up with the Chamber of Commerce and the City of Mukilteo to help run the festival.

The association is still managed by a dedicated group of volunteers, including a volunteer board and volunteer committee chairs. This year, however, the role of executive director is split between the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, headed by Jennifer Berner, and the Chamber of Commerce, with director Shannon McCarty.

The executive director responsibilities include carrying the festival through day-to-day activities all year long. The directors also support each of our committee chairs – making sure we are on top of the details behind the vision!

The two directors split up all the activities of the festival. This way, we are capitalizing on the expertise of the city’s Parks and Recreation staff and the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce is in charge of advertising, sponsorships, entertainment, membership, security, volunteer and website coordination, among other items.

The Mukilteo Parks and Recreation Department responsibilities include supporting the artists booths and art show, children’s activities, permits and signs, the parade, Run-a-Muk and shuttles and several other activities.

With Jennifer Berner's assistance, the festival has revamped the children's activities. You'll see more exciting amenities – a bigger area, more options and a great experience for kids. Find out more in the Beacon in the coming months.

Berner and her staff are also hard at work on the Run-A-Muk registration and planning. You can still register for a reduced rate until Aug. 15. Check mukilteolighthousefestival.com for details.

McCarty and the Chamber of Commerce have focused on sponsorship for the festival. If you're interested in becoming a part of the festival, contact us. We have many opportunities still available.

Julie Martin is another important part of the Chamber’s festival support. The Chamber also works diligently on the Beer/Wine and Entertainment Garden at the festival. This activity remains specific to the chamber, and is certainly a highlight of the weekend!

The festival board this year includes many dedicated community members: Co-Vice President Darlene Conkle is dedicated to a huge amount of day-to-day work. If you drop by the festival office on a weekday, she’s the person you’ll see returning calls, checking the mail and making decisions.

Co-Vice President Jan Straub is organizing the festival favorite Fudge-A-Muk, taking place in the afternoon on Sept. 8.

Emily Vanderweilen is our board secretary and Tracie Furrer has taken the huge responsibility of festival treasurer for the last several years. If you’ve sent in your money for Run-A-Muk or a Parade entry, Tracie is making sure it’s tracked and deposited.

Board members with planning experience include Past President Randy Lord, Jim Pompeo, working on plans for the entertainment stages, Diane Tinsley, member of the Mukilteo Storytellers, and Steve Conkle, lending his experience to the logistics.

Jeanmarie Trapp is heading up the festival raffle this year – a chance to win up to $5,000! Tickets are on sale all over the community, and any board member also has tickets. Track me down; I would love to sell you a set.

Janet Hammerman guides our public relations strategy. Ted Wheeler, John Gahagan, and Carolyn (Dode) Carlson are also new board members lending new networks, new ideas and new energy.

Committee chairs include many familiar names: Kathy Wisbeck and Mimi Landsberg are working their well-oiled machine – the artists booths. Kathy also supports the festival by helping coordinate the fireworks display.

Christine Schmalz is organizing the Art Show, to be on display at Rosehill Community Center during the fest. Margaret Holland and the Harbour Pointe Montessori School will continue to offer children’s arts and crafts activities for the weekend.

A team of Kiwanis members are working on the famous Kiwanis Salmon Bake. Ann Spikes is helping to coordinate the food booths that will keep you well-fed during festival weekend.

Carol Harkin’s Gene Nastri School organizes the Instrument Petting Zoo on Saturday afternoon. If you haven’t visited this event before, keep an eye out – it’s an amazing chance for kids to experiment and play with a variety of musical instruments.

Laura Nix is committee chair for the Run-A-Muk. Jeff Gilbert is the man behind the Tennis Tournament, which takes place Aug. 24-26 at the Kamiak Tennis Courts. Drop by after the Run-A-Muk to watch some community players face off, or register online now at the festival website.

There are also still volunteer opportunities! Our committees are always ready to get help before the festival, and we’ll need volunteers for both the Run-A-Muk on Aug. 25 and throughout the festival, Sept. 7-9.

If you want to get involved, contact us at our website, www.mukilteolighthousefestival.com, by email at mukilteofestival@frontier.com, or by phone at 425-353-5516.

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