Final steps to a successful garage sale

Apr 25, 2012

Have you started getting ready for the Great Mukilteo Garage Sale on Saturday, April 28? Time's awasting. This is the last in a series of articles outlining steps needed to stage a successful sale. We previously focused on what to sell, joining forces with friends and neighbors, advertising and pricing. – Ed.

What do you need to put on your garage sale?

You definitely need some supplies on hand to have your sale. You also need to do some preparation.

If you aren't prepared you might be wasting your time. A little preparation goes a long way.

If you throw all your junk into boxes, you won't get as much for it, but you don't need to go overboard and set up a department store, either.

Here are the basics:

Things to have:

• Pens and markers or paint (for signs and pricing)

• Paper

• Masking tape

• Paper

• Boxes

• Hangers

• Tables

• Change and cash - with someplace to put it

• Bags

• Calculator

• Stickers for pricing (or use masking tape)

Setting up:

• Clean everything. Wash clothes and toys. The cleaner things are, the less used they look.

• Mark everything clearly. If it's a multi-person sale mark the names clearly on the sales tags so there are no guesses as to who gets what money.

• Take off the hangers when you sell the clothes, unless you want to get rid of those, too. Fold clothes neatly that aren't hung and separate by age groups or sizes if you have the time.

• Group things together. Put the phone next to the answering machine, and put them on top of the night stand you're trying to get rid of.

• Make signs and signs and signs. Better yet, buy them. You get a free sign with your Beacon ad, and we sell extras for just a buck each.

• Be sure you have outlets nearby to plug in toasters, blenders, electric skillets, irons, hair dryers, electric razors, etc., to show people that your articles do work. If you have to use an extension cord, make sure it is in excellent condition and preferably a heavy duty one.

• Have a "free box" with things that have been separated or broken or whatever.

• Set everything up the night or day before. Then all you will have to do is pull everything out when you're ready to go.

• Try not to just throw everything into boxes. It's hard to go through and see everything when you're trying to hurry to the next sale.

Now, let the buyers come to you. Good luck!

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