Flying golf balls a safety issue | Letter

Nov 13, 2013

Editor, The Beacon:

Around 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 1, I was returning home after dropping a friend off at her home. On my return, I was driving past the Fairview Condominiums and approaching the Harbour Pointe Golf Course, when suddenly my windshield was struck – by a flying golf ball.

I was startled by the smashing sound, as I never saw anything coming my way, and when I saw and realized what happened, I pulled off the road and into the golf course driveway.

I went in and spoke to the manager.  He went out and looked at the car with me.  He said, unfortunately, there was nothing they could do about the problem and that he was sorry that it happened.

I asked for someone from the Police Department to take a look at the car, and, after another timely wait, an officer came and looked at the windshield with me.  She was amazed when she saw the damage that had been done.

She also said there was nothing they could do about the problem, as it was a civil matter.

Of course, we do have insurance to cover the loss, but that is not the point of this letter.  I wish everyone could see the damage to this windshield, as they would not believe the impact a golf ball flying at such speed can create.

My windshield is so badly cracked and shattered, that those that have seen it cannot believe the condition of it.  The cracks spread from the point of impact to all corners of the windshield. Also, there are many fine splinters of glass on the passenger seat and the floor.

I am grateful that my friend was sitting in the passenger seat when it happened.

My reason for writing this letter is because I am wondering if others have had a similar incident happen to them?  If so, it would certainly be nice to know.

My concern is not for replacement of the windshield, but for the safety of other drivers and pedestrians who frequently drive and walk with their pets along the boulevard.

I am aware that there is some netting placed somewhat opposite the golf course, but there does not appear to be any in direction toward the Fairviews, as many balls have been found within their drive area.

I believe this particular golf ball shot came from high above to have caused the damage it did.

The point I am trying to make is that I could have been killed! If a golf ball can cause such damage to a windshield, can you imagine what it would do if one was to hit someone in the head?!

Someone needs to take action to prevent something like this from ever occurring. In fact, it is known that one person has been struck in the head by one of their balls.

Something needs to be done to make this a safer area for our residents.


Joann Parish,


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