Future mosque won’t have loudspeakers | City brief

May 26, 2015

An Islamic group that purchased land in Mukilteo with plans to build a mosque won’t be installing loudspeakers.

Residents voiced their concerns about loudspeakers at a town hall meeting held May 16 at City Hall. Several spoke up to say they didn’t want to hear calls for prayer five times a day from a loudspeaker.

“I want to assure the community that a loudspeaker for prayer times is not going to be used,” said Mohammed Riaz Khan, president of the group. “We won’t be installing a loudspeaker system.

“We’re not allowed to have it, and we don’t want it.”

The Muslim Association of Seattle owns property at 200 Harbour Pointe Blvd. S.W., next to Bank of America and near City Hall. It is just under an acre in size.

Though the group doesn’t have plans to mount loudspeakers on the outside of the building, Khan said there are plans to use speakers on the inside to deliver sermons for prayer.

“It won’t be a loudspeaker but, yes, we will have a system of speakers inside,” he said.

In addition, Khan said the group continues to negotiate the purchase of another 1.4 acres of surrounding land for a parking lot. The additional land is listed for $300,000.

Khan said the group is looking to provide around 90 parking spaces for the estimated 400 Muslims the Islamic Center of Mukilteo would draw for worship.

He said the primary weekly service would be on Friday afternoons, but that the mosque would be open for prayer every day.

The group purchased the land off the Mukilteo Speedway for $245,000 last year. The mosque is estimated to cost $600,000 to build.

Khan said construction will be done in phases over five years, as funds become available.

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Posted by: Casey Bowers | Jun 02, 2015 19:38

I hope as a community, we welcome diversity. We ask polite, not offensive questions, and accept the legitimacy of worship in ways unfamiliar. Worship is spiritual in every language, and lifts us up.

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