Get More $$ Out of Your Carpet

We all know that maintaining our possessions is the best way to get maximum life out of the things we own.  Sometimes spending a little bit of money and some time along the way will save you a lot of money in the future.  Your home's flooring is no exeption.  The largest expense inside your home is your flooring and to replace it can put a big dent in the bank account.  Here are a few tips to help you get the most life out of your carpet and help you keep your money in your wallet.

    * Vacuuming

          Vacuuming regularly and properly will help your carpet last longer.

          Dry soil is the number one cause of damage to your carpets.  As dirt,

          sand and other soils bond to your carpet's fibers they get ground in

          with each step and can cut and scrape those fibers causing them to look

          dirty even when they are not.

    Vacuum at least once a week and one more time per week for each child or 

    pet you have in the home.

    If your Vacuum height is adjustable than start with it all the way up while the

    vacuum is on and lower the height until you see the carpet fibers vibrating. 

    This will be the proper height.

    Always empty your bag or canister at 75% full for maximum suction

    Make 2-3 passes in each area and 5-6 passes in high traffic areas.  80% of

    the soil you pick up is on the backstroke so slow down when pulling the

    vacuum toward you.

   *  Cleaning

          Your carpets should be cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning

          company every 6-18 months.  Make sure that your carpet cleaners

          follow the proper steps in cleaning and maintaining your carpets.

                      - Vacuum

                      - Pre-spray a hot detergent

                      - Aggitation (brush in detergent)

                      - Rinse with Hot Water Extraction

                      - Steps to expediate drying

   *  Apply Stain Protector

          Carpet manufacturers recommend re-applying a stain protector to

          your carpet at least every other cleaning.  Stain protector will not only

          protect your carpets against liquid spills, but perhaps more importantly it

          prevent dry soils from bonding with the fibers of your carpet and help

          stop the main source of damage to your carpet.


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