Girls inspire us all to take lifesaving action | Letter

Mar 30, 2016

Editor, The Beacon:

In these modern times of so many feeling powerless, it is inspirational to see two 12-year -olds raise over $10,000 for the battle against childhood cancer [“Girls go bald to fight childhood cancer,” front page, March 23]. It is local, heartwarming and smile spreading.

I bet they probably don’t know that 11 children under 5 die every minute in our world, or that 289,000 mothers die each year from pregnancy-related causes. Most of these deaths are preventable with simple solutions, like vaccines or procedures, we have at our disposal.

We can be inspired by Annmarie and Charlotte to take action. The U.S. Congress is considering the Reach Every Mother and Child Act that works to end these preventable deaths.

A call, text or email to our representatives and senators only takes a few minutes, but it can help get this bill out of committee and passed. The lives it will save makes our time well spent.

Willie Dickerson,


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