God treasures your tears as beautiful jewels | Worship

By Joe Chambers, Restoration Church Mukilteo | Feb 26, 2014

Many years ago, my wife and I were watching a television program that showcased young prodigies in various artistic disciplines. I believe I was reading a book while she watched.

I heard a violin, a piano, and then I heard the voice of an angel. I looked up and saw a young Charlotte Church singing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Pie Jesu.”

Breathtaking. I glanced over at my wife and she was weeping. I had never seen her weep like that before. I whispered, “Are you OK?” And she just mouthed one word to no one in particular, “Beauty.”

What is going on there?

I believe that there is something in our souls that aches for beauty. We were created with an insatiable desire for the indescribable.

There is a twin ache of beauty when we look at the darkness of our hearts and the grace that has washed it whiter than snow, and there is the wonder of the grace-giver who wraps us all in the purity of that radical acceptance.

There is a scene in the film “The Mission” that to me, personally, is one the greatest moments in all cinema.

Robert DeNiro plays a slave trader in colonial Latin America. He had dedicated himself to capturing Indians and selling them as slaves. Jeremy Irons plays a Jesuit missionary who helped convert the Indians and defended them.

When DeNiro is thrown in prison for murder, Irons shows him mercy, and ransoms him to come serve in the jungle mission. DeNiro insists on making the long journey to the mountain mission dragging his armor in a bundle behind him.

He drags the weight of his sin and his filth to the top – where he meets the same people, now Christians, whose families he had been pressing into slavery. And where, if they killed him, justice would have been served.

As DeNiro is on his knees in the mud, with the burden of his past tied to his back, the chief gives an order. Someone picks up a knife and runs to DeNiro and pulls his head upward with his face pointing to the very people he had hunted down like animals.

The knife flashes and glints in the sunlight as the chief gives another order and the knife cuts the rope to the burden on DeNiro’s back. It tumbles down over a waterfall hundreds of feet; the same waterfall he had just climbed.

He is confused. He looks into the faces of his former enemies for understanding.

And one by one they begin to laugh. Not the laughter of contempt, the laughter of forgiveness and delight.

Suddenly, the face etched in pain and agony for all the guilt of his selfish life begins to melt away to first a smile, then a grin, and finally an open-mouth laugh of joy.

Never fear repentance it is the pathway to change and joy. The great 19th century preacher Charles Spurgeon once said, “Blessed is the man who kisses the rod after having been smitten by it.”

Tears are God’s precious jewels because they cost so much. The price of our pain when we walked away from Eden; the pain of the cross when Jesus walked up a dusty road to a gnarled hill called Calvary and died to bring life, love and beauty to a creation designed to pulse with beauty.

God treasures the tears of repentance. Listen and be comforted by the words of the old poet-king named David, “You (God) number my wanderings; put my tears into Your bottle.” (Psalm 56:8)

Your tears are treasured and safe.

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