Goodbye Mukilteo, good riddance to Mukilteo politics | Letter

Aug 06, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

After 15 enjoyable years in Mukilteo, my wife and I are relocating. We have made many friends in the city and will miss them dearly. What I will not miss is the buffoonery and intrigues of Mukilteo politics.

Regrettably, the shenanigans in City Hall have (rightfully) been in the spotlight lately. Most recently, KING-5 showcased Mukilteo for all the wrong reasons recently by covering the ill-advised hiring of Marko Liias as the city’s “policy analyst.”

Mayor Jennifer Gregerson continues to assert with a straight face that this hiring decision was completely above board and that the creation of this (unneeded) position and the selection of Liias has nothing to do with cronyism or political payback. That would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic and specious.

This isn’t about whether the hiring was legal; this is about the perception of impropriety. The time-honored saying is “perception is reality.” And that is the case with the Gregerson/Liias story.

I watched the KING 5 coverage with interest and paid particular attention to the body language of both Gregerson and Liias. As an experienced interviewer and interrogator, the deception was glaringly obvious. Yet, they continue to stick to their prepared narrative and further the spin on this story.

Why do things like this happen and why do politicians think they can get away with manipulating the system? Because they know that the majority of citizens are apathetic and disinterested in politics and their local government.

I hear folks say “It happens everywhere.” That is a lame cop-out, because it doesn’t happen everywhere. But it is happening in Mukilteo.

It is time for the residents of Mukilteo to wake up to what is going on at City Hall and demand accountability. The tandem of Gregerson and Liias is no coincidence and the stench underlying this fiasco needs to be completely uncovered and addressed.

I don’t hold out much hope that things will improve anytime soon. Gregerson will continue to play “hide the peanut” and use a shell-game approach to convince voters she is living up to her campaign promises.

But, as with many politicians, the sad fact is that voters will be misled and personal political agendas will be the norm.

My prediction on this latest travesty is that if it is followed up and fully investigated, we will discover collusion, connivance and possibly a conspiracy to aid and abet Gregerson and Liias’s political ambitions.

A sad day for Mukilteo. Adios.

Ed Kunigonis,


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