Government moves ain’t what they seem | Letter

Aug 06, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Diamond Knot’s sale of beer on Lighthouse Park’s sidewalk is being pushed by Mayor Jennifer Gregerson.

The city approved Diamond Knot’s 2012 building permit to double its size without parking spaces. Parking is required for a non-conforming building that increases its “intensity” of use.

Diamond Knot’s intensity is much greater than Woody’s, which previously occupied that space.

The building code required a concrete stoop for its door – the stoop was constructed on park sidewalk.

If the City Council disapproves sale of sidewalk beer, Diamond Knot may still need the state’s permission to use the sidewalk for the stoop, which could include purchasing additional parkland as replacement.

Architectural plans show tables on the sidewalk to serve beer. Diamond Knot’s spokesperson implies she recently learned the city may want them to serve beer and they just want to do what’s best for the city – if it doesn’t cost much.

Their expansion does not meet the parking code and they need the sidewalk to meet the building code. It’s curious why the city has not communicated with Diamond Knot’s landlord.

Gregerson, a long-time customer, held campaign parties and her recent wedding reception at Diamond Knot. The building permit was approved by now-retired Heather McCarty, a member of the mayor’s transition team.

Patricia Love, recently promoted to fill McCarty’s position, was responsible for determining building permit parking code compliance.

Former Mayor Joe Marine’s staff and the council studied a proposed takeover of our fire department by Fire District 1 long and hard, concluding it was not in Mukilteo’s best interest.

Fire District 1 started providing substantial support to his opponent, Jennifer Gregerson and her friend Sen. Marco Liias, another member of her transition team. She hired him after her election, despite strong opposition by our council.

Fire District 1 is pushing to serve Mukilteo to “save us millions,” although the millions keep changing as assumptions push 20 years into the future. They can’t even accurately project payroll expenses for a couple of years.

A recent union contract resulted in a huge cost increase for the cities they serve. Last week, Fire District 1 amended its budget to charge Edmonds $1.3 million more, saying they underestimated the cost.

Gregerson wants our council to sign over Mukilteo’s fire/EMS to Fire District 1 this month. Support of Gregerson and Liias’ campaigns is a typical political attempt to induce a major commitment to a district we do not vote for or have any control over.

Sometimes it ain’t what it seems.

Charlie Pancerzewski,


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