Great Garage Sale only 3 weeks away

Apr 03, 2013

We continue our series of advice articles to help Great Garage Sale participants get the most out of their efforts. –Ed.

What to sell

It's trite but true: One person's trash is another's treasure. We've all got a houseful of items we were sure we couldn't do without, but never seem to need. Sometimes, it's stuff we bought at a garage sale.

So probably, if you can bear to part with it, somebody out there wants it. Now is the time to start setting aside the goods you plan to sell during the Great Mukilteo Garage Sale.

Comb your house from attic to cellar, from closet to garage. Leave no drawer unexamined. Pick a place (the garage, or the corner of a spare room) to store things. You'll be surprised how much you've accumulated since your last garage sale.

Keep in mind special groups of buyers. For instance, people who own a vacation house or motor home will be looking for furniture, bedding, lawn chairs, used kitchen items, old radios, books and board games.

Daycare operators, grandparents and foster families will be combing for children's clothing, toys and furniture.

Seniors on fixed incomes will be looking for bargains, too.

And there are plenty of collectors and hobbyists out there, on the lookout for sports cards, antiques, model railroad parts, war memorabilia and other collectibles.

If it's stuff that's been sitting out in the storage shed, old clothes that were stuffed into a plastic bag, or goods that otherwise haven't received red carpet treatment, you'll want to clean them up.

You might consider cleaning as you find them, rather than putting off that chore until the last week. There will be plenty to do then, anyway.

What sells (according to the experts)

Baby clothing and furniture, children's clothing, blue jeans, books, records, tapes, CDs, radios, TVs; iPods and iPod stereos, good toys, furniture, canning jars and lids, earrings, tools, lawn and garden equipment, good tires, working bicycles, small bookcases, China and glassware, beach-bimbo and exercise DVDs, “How to Lose Weight” or “Get Happy” books, designer label clothes, priced cheap, DVD players, computers, fishing equipment.

What sits

Old sofas, personal health items, "mall mistakes" (ruffled micro minis, neon cowboy boots), vinyl furniture, broken appliances, old magazines, leisure suits, shoes, underwear, textbooks, luggage, VCRs, video tapes, chipped dishes, broken toys, old purses, high-priced items.

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