Greenpeace exec Pascal Husting commutes 800 km by plane .

By Steven Keeler | Jun 26, 2014
Source: Cartoons by Josh



Richard Lancaster, who said he had been involved with Greenpeace since the 1980s, responded: “I volunteer with Greenpeace but work in the commercial world and if I took a job in another country I’d expect to move to where the job is and if I couldn’t for family reasons I wouldn’t take the job — so I find Pascal’s travel arrangements almost unbelievable.” Another supporter wrote: “So disappointed. Hardly had two pennies to rub together but have supported [Greenpeace] for 35+ years. Cancelling [direct debit] for while.”

Greenpeace has campaigned to curb air travel and end “needless” domestic flights. In a briefing on “the problem with aviation,” the group said: “In terms of damage to the climate, flying is 10 times worse than taking the train.”

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