Greenpeace staff want director dismissed !    GASP !

By Steven Keeler | Jul 25, 2014
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More than 40 staff members and campaign leaders from Greenpeace Netherlands are still demanding that international program director Pascal Husting be dismissed. Husting came under fire last month for his choice to fly between his home in Luxembourg and his workplace in Amsterdam, the Volkskrant reports.

The staff members penned a letter -

Read - Stuff like this cannot be made up

- to Greenpeace director Kumi Naidoo and Husting, writing that Naidoo should “considerate his position”, adding that the damage they have caused to the environmental organization can only be remedied by their departure, the paper writes.

See ? ? ?   There !   Green hypocrites don’t need to fly after all.

To the folks that signed this letter, I refer you to the two chapters of the Greenpeace employee handbook titled, “ Those More Equal Than You ” and “ Because, ... Just Shut up ! ”, respectively.

So what’s their reaction to Uncle Al’s private jet ?

What I find interesting is that the complaints Greenpeace Staff have leveled at their Director could just as easily be made against Greenpeace Staff by the entire 3rd world.

Greenpeace members on no account should ride bicycles. They’re made from non-renewable metal ores ripped from the bosom of the earth by rapacious, evil, capitalist, plutocratic miners and smelted in fossil fueled, energy-guzzling, satanic smelters spewing forth toxic pollution and planet-melting greenhouse gases.



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