Gregerson should terminate new policy analyst | Letter

Aug 06, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I had hoped that we would have gotten rid of the cronyism and buddy-buddy system that we were all so tired of last year [“Council airs disappointment over Marko Liias hire,” The Beacon, page 3, July 23].

Now, the new mayor, the 21st District's chair, hires one of the most left-wing Democrat politicians in Washington to double-dip in his two government jobs while formulating more disastrous policies for the people of Mukilteo and Washington state.

Jennifer Gregerson should reverse this blatantly political power hustle by letting Marko Liias go back to his real “job” and save the hard-pressed taxpayers of Mukilteo any more waste of scarce money simply to repay a favor to a partisan crony.

Hey, Ted Wheeler, Marko was appointed to the state Senate, not elected. Hopefully, this will be his only term.

Fred Taylor,


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