Gulch group is about to self destruct | Letter

Aug 27, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

There's a big gamble going on in Mukilteo. Whereas the Japanese Gulch Group once lead the charge for preservation, it's now doubled-down for development. This is self-destructive behavior.

Last year's Beacon Guest Views portrayed Japanese Gulch as a pristine environment in need of preservation. Now these same people describe it as "heavily used recreationally" and therefore prime turf for "all" exploitation.

We are witness to a PR disaster!  Public relations history is replete with case studies of organizations that refuse to publicly acknowledge serious mistakes, and instead choose CYA tactics. Instead of coming clean, they circle the wagons.

Furthermore, it's disingenuous to describe the gulch as heavily used recreationally. This is easily invalidated by anyone with half a brain, two feet and 10 minutes.

I spend about two hours a day there, more than 300 days a year.

Most days I see one or two people, and many days no one at all. This is heavy use?

Clearly there is more here than meets the eye.

We are told to wait for what is "revealed in the master plan." Ding-ding-ding:  Wrong!

Mukilteo is an enlightened community. The Gulch Group is delusional to emphasize revelation over reason.

But, be sure to watch for their upcoming revelation! To no one's surprise, it will read: "BMX."

So long as the Gulch Group defends destruction and promotes development, it will continue to self-destruct.

Which is sad. So many good people with the best intentions, generous donations and cheerful volunteering thought they were helping to preserve the gulch.

All environmental voters of Mukilteo despise and resent being cheated by a Gulch Group gambling away everything on bait-and-switch.

Jon Boyce,


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