Had enough of Stoltz and his whining | Letter

Mar 19, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Does Kevin Stoltz actually own your newspaper?

It was bad enough when you gave him a regular column, wherein he constantly rehashed his losing City Council arguments. Now that he has left the council and retired his column, it seems you have simply reclassified his whining as a letter to the editor [“New mayor, council welcoming public input,” The Beacon, Letters, page 4, March 12].

And why do he and some others continue to insist that Terry Preshaw deserves to be appointed to a vacant council seat? Their argument seems to be that although she was twice rejected by the voters, it was only by narrow margins.

By an extension of that logic, the Mariners should have faced the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.

Dave Speights,


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Posted by: Christine L Salditt | Mar 19, 2014 15:38


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