He holds the world in his eyes

Oct 23, 2013
Courtesy of: Jules Shepherd

Above, is the winning photo of a Photo Walk contest held Oct. 5 in Mukilteo as part of Scott Kelby’s annual Worldwide Photo Walk.

The walk leader was Terry Preshaw, who also judged the photo contest. More than 30 visiting photographers explored Mukilteo with their cameras in hand.

Jules Shepherd took this portrait of the wood sculpture of Mukilteo’s Willard Schroeder, which can be found at Red Cup Café. Shepherd, of Issaquah, titled her photo “Marble Eye Guy.”

Here’s what she had to say about the photo:

“My initial shot of MEG was directly in front of him, face on. When I looked at my camera screen, what I saw was a pained expression of an old man, which wasn't what I saw in reality, so I decided to try again.

"In the profile shot, I was trying to capture the brightness in his eyes and the years on his face without the sense of pain I saw in my first shot. Ultimately, I was trying to capture what I saw as wisdom and hope in an old man's eyes.

"I chose him as a subject because I loved the textures and the dissonance of the bright blue of the marbles and the subdued colors of the hat and face of the subject.

"My first reaction was that he held the world in his eyes.”

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