'Heart for the kids' -- Keeping his vision alive

By Sheri Thompson | Jun 13, 2012
Courtesy of: Sheri Thompson The family of the late Mariner High School coach Brad Agerup attended the recent Mariner Senior Awards Night, where three students were awarded the Brad Agerup Memorial Scholarship. Pictured are: Dan Agerup, Katie Agerup, Nancy Agerup, Sarah Agerup, Kim Larson, Stacey and Terry Regis, and Bob and June Duncan.

The Mariner Marauder Booster Club offers two scholarships every year in honor of a wonderful and committed teacher, athletic trainer, husband, father, son, brother and friend.

Brad Agerup and his wife, along with their neighbors and friends Tom and Hilda Woods, were killed Thanksgiving weekend in 2009 by a drunken driver. Brad and Melissa left behind their two daughters only 16 and 19 years old.

We feel what Brad did and stood for should be remembered and his vision should live on in this scholarship.

“The Mariner Kids were everything to him,” his sister Stacey Regis said. “Even though he was an Everett High and WSU graduate, Mariner became his own. He thought of them as his kids.”

Wrote Coach Jim Olsen: “A dedicated family man and teacher for over 25 years, voice for and mentor to some of the most vulnerable in our society, Brad Agerup was the kind of man who saw a need and moved to take care of it. Saw pain and worked to alleviate it. Saw hope where others saw despair. He was not only a healer of the broken body, but he tried to heal the broken spirit as well.”

As a compassionate man who always selflessly cared for all students, Brad made a difference and continues to make a difference each and every day with his spirit and his message that life is meant to be lived. Fellow coaches said he personified the spirit of the Marauders and he truly has a “Heart for the Kids.”

His daughter, Katie Agerup, is glad that his legacy lives on through the scholarship by helping students with their goals. She and her sister have personally presented the winners with their scholarships the last three years.

It is always very moving to see how strong the Agerup girls are. As the scholarship awards were presented, you could see them hold back tears in their eyes and Coach Tom Myhre’s voice cracked during his presentation as it is still not an easy task.

I know the scholarship means a lot to the Agerup family, as nine family members were at the recent Mariner High School Senior Awards Night ceremony; some family members drove over 150 miles.

Those who knew him will always remember his words of wisdom: “Just Ice It,” “Inspire and Achieve” and most important “Don’t Drink and Drive.”

We are letting you know about this wonderful man and the scholarship that honors him because one of his family members is willing to match any donations the Booster Club receives. We want the scholarship to stay in place and his vision to live on for many years to come.

If you wish to donate, please send any donations to Mariner Marauder Booster Club 200 – 120th St. S.W. Everett, WA 98204, or you can e-mail any questions to mbtreasurer@yahoo.com.

Your donation is tax deductible. The Mariner Boosters and the Agerup family thank you.

Sheri Thompson is Mariner Marauder Booster Club treasurer. She had a son in football and baseball for four years, who occasionally needed Brad’s medical advice. She also helped Brad barbecue hamburgers and hotdogs for the two-a-day football practices.

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