Help preserve Mukilteo’s history l Mayor's Message

By Jennifer Gregerson, Mayor of Mukilteo | Feb 28, 2018

In 1906, Mukilteo’s Lighthouse opened its doors, at the affordable cost of $27,000 for construction.

There have been 18 keepers who cared for the lighthouse since its opening, living in the quarters and keeping the light operational. These lighthouse keepers came with their families, and viewed the opportunity as a reward - the privilege to become Mukilteo residents!

In 2001, the city took ownership of the Mukilteo Lighthouse and continued an existing partnership with the Mukilteo Historical Society to conduct tours and welcome visitors and Mukilteans to the light station.

This is a real gift in Mukilteo. Our lighthouse stands as a symbol of hope, confidence and endurance.

Of course, the light station is not just the lighthouse, but also includes historical exhibits. One of the newest displays is a memento of the first child born to a white settler in Mukilteo.

Louisa Fowler Sinclair, born in 1862, was a precocious girl, by her own account, surrounded by adults, and industrious.

She made and sold photo frames and other items using seashells.

Some of her handiwork is now on display in the Quarters A-building at the light station.

My favorite quote from Louisa: “I always boast that for years I was the most popular girl in Mukilteo - and I was, for there were no others.”

Louisa and her father, J.D. Fowler, welcomed visitors to Mukilteo at his general store.

Each summer, our Mukilteo Historical Society, as today’s caretakers of the lighthouse, open the doors, sharing our history and experience of visiting our lighthouse.

This past year, 17,000 visitors from all parts of the United States and 63 foreign countries came to enjoy the lighthouse.

The city invests a lot of time and money in our gem, but needs your help to keep the doors open to the public.

The Historical Society is happy and enthused to share with our friends and neighbors from all over the globe.

They do have a great need for new people to keep the lighthouse staffed properly and to welcome visitors.

If you are considering volunteering to help our community please check out the Historical Society at

If you’re interested, the Historical Society conducts an orientation to help get you trained and ready to volunteer.

Training meetings will be held at the lighthouse on Saturday, March 3 at 10 a.m., with an afternoon option on Saturday, March 10 at 1 p.m.

Come join this lively group, dedicated to sharing and preserving Mukilteo’s history.


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