Help Public Works – clean up after your dog | Letter

Feb 26, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

I really enjoyed your piece on the “other” first responders,” [“Public Works: The ‘other' first responder,” The Beacon, front page, Feb. 19].  This is the kind of positive article I like to see, with kudos going to the often overlooked crews that keep our little city working properly.

And speaking of “poop,” as you mentioned they must deal with it, let’s address the irresponsibility of many dogs owners.

When I walk my dogs, I frequently clean up the feces of other people’s dogs.  It’s not the fault of the dogs, but it certainly is a health hazard to other dogs, to people and to our ground water.

Occasionally, a person may lose their pooper bags; the wind just grabs them and away they go.  However, there is so much of the stuff laying around that I am more inclined to think that many folks do not take their dog responsibilities seriously.

Come on, folks, let’s clean up after our furry friends and ourselves.

Trish Mayfield,


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Posted by: Lynn McKinney | Mar 07, 2014 20:09

I wish there were as much focus and energy on the Mukilteo sewage treatment plant, sewage overflows and broken, failing pipes in Mukilteo and chemical/bacteria ridden storm water as there is on dog poop.  We humans need to be more responsible for our own waste. Mukilteo was one of 3 beaches last year to get an "F" grade from Heal the Bay, due to being one of top 3 Washington beaches along the West coast for high fecal bacteria contamination. This wasn't dog poop business.

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