Hey, Kunigonis – join me in Stanwood | Letter

Aug 06, 2014

Editor, The Beacon:

Ed Kunigonis and I may differ on a few of the fine points regarding governance in Mukilteo, but we share many of the core values that built this once great city [“Goodbye Mukilteo, good riddance to Mukilteo politics,” The Beacon, Letters, page 4, Aug. 6].

We cared so much that we ran campaigns to become local elected officials in 2009. Both of us without success.

Looking back, I was unsure if the citizens weren't listening to our message or if they consciously wanted the brand of leadership they voted for. Shrug.

So a year ago, after a quarter century of welcoming neighborhoods and fantastic sunsets, I also pulled up stakes and moved away. I didn't want to live in north Lynnwood; or as my friend joked, Little Compton of the North.

So the challenge for the remaining citizens left behind: Is this what you want from your leaders?

Ed, come join me in Stanwood. It has everything Mukilteo offered 15 years ago, plus vision, honesty and fabulous sunsets.

Patrick Smith,


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